Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Chicago Business Machines service the equipment they sell?

Absolutely! Chicago Business Machines is proud to offer not only installation of the solutions we sell but also on-going maintenance and repair. Supplemental training is a key aspect to a great print finishing solution. From Start to finish and everything between, Chicago Business Machines will be there to assist with any issues necessary.

Are there available extended maintenance options available for my print finishing solutions?

Yes, Chicago Business Machines offers a variety of maintenance packages to supplement business needs large and small. We work with our partners to offer the most extensive maintenance packages available to protect your business assets and ensure productivity with your particular system requirements.

If I am an out of state client does that affect the time in which I receive service?

Chicago Business Machines has an extensive service department that works closely between management and field service technicians. We work extremely hard to be an efficient service company and to optimize service appointments to best suit your particular business’s needs. Out of state is no problem. Setting a clear timeline to service your needs is our priority.

I have a more custom application that requires slight modification to a new print finishing solution, can Chicago Business Machines handle these projects?

Yes we can! Chicago Business Machines is proud to offer customized solutions on a per-project basis. Utilizing an in-house machine shop allows us to handle custom modification projects in-house, cutting costs and shortening time of delivery on your new solution.

Does Chicago Business Machines make all of their own products?

While we do offer custom solutions for particular applications, Chicago Business Machines is a proud distributor of the highest quality print and print finishing equipment in the world. Offering product lines from Horizon, Xante, Oki Data, MBM, Rena and more allows Chicago Business Machines to offer top of the line solutions to your business at a fraction of the cost and time of a “from scratch” approach.

I am unsure exactly what solution is going to be the best fit for my company and its personnel. Can I call directly to obtain more information?

Absolutely, we understand that sometimes having an old fashioned conversation in today’s technologically driven business world is the best option. Standard Dynamic’s friendly staff is always available to speak with you on questions you may have regarding sales, service and more. Give us a call anytime!